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BookPath       Maastricht

To enhance the quality of education in Africa by providing students with valuable educational resources.

Help fund our first shipment to Africa

We intend to ship our first 1,000 books to Africa in the next weeks. Please support us. Every single donation can help achieving an even greater impact.

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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- Nelson Mandela

"Words change worlds."

This is our Enactus National Competition Pitch 2021.

Check it out.

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Any books hanging around? 📚🌞

Summer break is approaching and as you’ve probably noticed, most of our books will not be needed next year!🏖🏖🏖

Why not donating them to BookPath before leaving ✈️ Maastricht? 

This year has been HUGELY successful thanks to all of your donations! Over 1,000 books will be shipped by this summer, but we want to keep that number 🆙 

So if you have ANY book you’ll no longer need, LET US KNOW!☎️ Send us a DM and we’ll share the drop-off location 📍

let’s go go go goooo❗️📚🚀

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We just launched a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN to finance our first shipment of books! Any donated amount will help us reach our goal, as every little helps!!🌟

What will happen if we reach our crowdfunding goal? 📚

Then 1,000 books will depart from Maastricht straight to the warehouse of @books2africa in the UK, where the selection and distribution will be organized following the specific demands of universities across numerous African countries! 🌍

Are you in? 🤩

Do you recognise THE spot?🍴

We’re sure that you’ve had the pleasure to enjoy its delicious homemade food once and we’re even more sure that you know about all the sustainable and local initiatives this take-away restaurant supports, right?♻️

@catobycato has HUGELY helped us reach more students willing to donate their academic books by hosting one of our RED BOXES! 📕

Now you can donate your books while you wait for a tasty “something something” at Cato By Cato! 

One million thanks for your support!🤩
We wanted to thank YOU for donating, caring and supporting BookPath during these first months of LIFE!

Our success would not be possible without you so every VOTE counts to get us a step closer to the Enactus National Exposition happening next June!🎉

VOTE through the LINK on our BIO!❤️

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We’re soooooo happy to share with you such a big number and remind you to #clearyourshelves if you haven’t yet!📚

Also! Get one of our bracelets to help us cover the upcoming shipment of books! 🌍

Like this we’ll transform global education together!💡
Buy your bracelet now‼️

💡 How impactful would it be to be the first initiative in Maastricht to ship in less than 1 year more than 1,000 academic books to several African universities?

Are you with us in making that possible? :)

Malawi, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia or Zimbabwe 🌍 can be the next stop for the valuable books you no longer need but could be highly useful for fellow students in another country. 

But how will our shipment be possible? 

By selling in Maastricht the handmade bracelets @kidsclubkampala devotedly make from Uganda, we’ll rise funds to that end! 📚

With your purchase, 2 social projects aiming to improve the economic and educational difficulties the current pandemic is creating will be receiving your willingness to HELP!

And of course, you’d receive at your door📍 our handcrafted bag with the unique piece of your choice! Since bracelets are made out of recycled magazines, they are all unique! 💌 

Send us a 📩 and we’ll let you know more about the colors, the fun process behind the handcrafting and how our team will deliver your bracelet!🚲🌈

You can choose between blue, green, burgundy, rainbow or mixed!☀️
Empowering women is essential to reach our goal! 📚

High poverty and unemployment rates are widespread amongst townships in Uganda. This makes it hard for women and especially for mothers to earn money to support their families. 

Kids Club Kampala is a UK-based charity that provides free vocational training and business skills to women, which helps them generate income for their families. Over the last 10 years, Kids Club Kampala provided free education for more than 1,000 children and enrolled over 700 vulnerable women in skilled training. 💡

One of their initiatives that caught our attention was their handmade bracelets! These stylish bracelets are made out of recycled magazines and are unique on their own.♻️ The profit that is generated from those sales is going to 100% to these women. 🌱🔆

Through women's empowerment and giving old magazines a second life, we believe that this project needs further attention here in Maastricht and all over the world! 🌍

We are super excited that from the next week onwards, we are selling these bracelets on a margin to finance our first shipment of BOOKS!🎉

If you are interested, feel free to send us a DM and of course, keep an eye on @kidsclubkampala and their amazing artwork!🤩

And remember... first come, first served❗️

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Today we launched our first collection point at Tapijn Loods V Learning Spaces!📢📚

You’ll find our RED BOX in the corridor of the old building. It’s waiting for you get filled by many books! 📍

We decided to collect some of the carton boxes local supermarkets throw away and paint them in the SDG 4 color to make it very visible for you!♻️

So If you have a book (you no longer need) go to Tapijn and place it in the 📦 and we will soon collect them! The faster we take action and cooperate, the sooner many students will have access to valuable academic resources. 

Let’s make the best out of emptying our shelves and enhance an equal access to education around the globe!🌍

📍Tapijnkazerne 3, 6211 ME Maastricht 

#timetoact #enactus #enactusmaastricht #equaleducation #education #sdgs #sdg4 #takeaction #sustainableliving #socialactivism #socialentrepreneurship #future #nonprofitwork #maastrichtuniversity #maastricht
"None of us are equal until all of us are equal"

SDG5 for Gender Equality is our Goal of the Month! From BookPath we want you to be informed and active in the global struggle for gender equality. 

Did you know that more than 11 million women will never attend school after the COVID-19 pandemic? This, beyond stopping a hard global progress towards gender equality, will cause, mainly in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa, an increase in adolescent pregnancy, early and forced marriage, sexual abuse and gender-based violence (UNESCO). 

Education is the way to achieve gender equality and we are responsible of its preservation across those communities affected the most by the pandemic. 

So what can you do?

📚 Donate us your academic books and enhance educational opportunities across the most vulnerable communities of Africa. 
📢 SPREAD THE WORD! Keep yourself informed and be as active as possible both in your local community and online sharing the #LearningNeverStops initiative!
💜 Join the Women's Day Protest! Next Sunday 7th at 15h in Vrijthof (Maastricht) organized by @amnestymaastricht, @feministsofmaastricht, @unicef_maastricht and AFC!
👀 Check the 'Girls Back to School' guide elaborated by @unesco to learn more on gender equality in education and how can you help. 

This and other resources in our BIO!💡

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