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BookPath Maastricht

To enhance the quality of education in Africa by providing students with valuable educational resources.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

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- Nelson Mandela

Help fund our first shipment to Africa

We intend to ship our first 1,000 books to Africa in the next weeks. Please support us. Every single donation can help achieving an even greater impact.

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"Words change worlds."

This is our Enactus National Competition Pitch 2021.

Check it out.

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🎉🆕We got some great news for you! 

We have successfully expanded and from now on you can find Bookpath also in Rotterdam. 
Now not only students in Maastricht have the chance to work for an inclusive and equitable future by giving books a second life, but more than 50,000 students in Rotterdam are joining our exciting journey. 🌍❤️ 

We are very thrilled about what is next to come, because together we can achieve even more...🔜

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🚀 We are finally back - even bigger and even more motivated to give books a meaningful second life 📚

Join us on this exciting journey and stay tuned about the upcoming projects‼️

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A million THANKS to all who have donated to our crowdfunding campaign!🎉

We are all extremely happy that we have achieved our goal of over 500€ from 31 supporters. YOU guys are the best!!! We could have never done without you!❤️

With that money we are now able to ship over 1200+ books over to  Africa.🌍📚

We hope you have great SUMMER enjoy and most importantly stay healthy!🏖🔆🍹

and REMEMBER to #clearyourshelves and donate any book you have before leaving Maastricht!
First BookPath shipment!! Your books are on their way to Africa😍📕

It all started with an idea and six motivated and creative students that aimed to achieve something great…
...Over the last months we worked hard and established BookPath as self-sustainable and impactful social project. This week we prepared our first ever shipment of over 1.200 high-quality university books which will soon be read by motivated African students. This proves the validity of our model and marks the end of an incredibly interesting, challenging and inspiring first project year with the BookPath team and the @enactus_maastricht community! Be assured...there is more to come🚀
Thanks for everybody’s support and please continue to reach out to us to donate your books or to get your beautiful hand-made paper bracelet before leaving for your well-deserved summer-holidays🏖🏖🏖
Any books hanging around? 📚🌞

Summer break is approaching and as you’ve probably noticed, most of our books will not be needed next year!🏖🏖🏖

Why not donating them to BookPath before leaving ✈️ Maastricht? 

This year has been HUGELY successful thanks to all of your donations! Over 1,000 books will be shipped by this summer, but we want to keep that number 🆙 

So if you have ANY book you’ll no longer need, LET US KNOW!☎️ Send us a DM and we’ll share the drop-off location 📍

let’s go go go goooo❗️📚🚀

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We just launched a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN to finance our first shipment of books! Any donated amount will help us reach our goal, as every little helps!!🌟

What will happen if we reach our crowdfunding goal? 📚

Then 1,000 books will depart from Maastricht straight to the warehouse of @books2africa in the UK, where the selection and distribution will be organized following the specific demands of universities across numerous African countries! 🌍

Are you in? 🤩

Do you recognise THE spot?🍴

We’re sure that you’ve had the pleasure to enjoy its delicious homemade food once and we’re even more sure that you know about all the sustainable and local initiatives this take-away restaurant supports, right?♻️

@catobycato has HUGELY helped us reach more students willing to donate their academic books by hosting one of our RED BOXES! 📕

Now you can donate your books while you wait for a tasty “something something” at Cato By Cato! 

One million thanks for your support!🤩
We wanted to thank YOU for donating, caring and supporting BookPath during these first months of LIFE!

Our success would not be possible without you so every VOTE counts to get us a step closer to the Enactus National Exposition happening next June!🎉

VOTE through the LINK on our BIO!❤️

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We’re soooooo happy to share with you such a big number and remind you to #clearyourshelves if you haven’t yet!📚

Also! Get one of our bracelets to help us cover the upcoming shipment of books! 🌍

Like this we’ll transform global education together!💡