To enhance the quality of education in Africa by providing students with valuable educational resources.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

- Nelson Mandela
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Help fund our shipments to Africa

Every year we ship many hundreds of books to our partner universities and schools in Africa. In order to be able to cover the costs for shipping, we are dependent on your donations.

Every single donation can help achieving an even greater impact!

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"Words change worlds."

This is our Enactus National Competition Pitch 2021.

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Now it's time to send the Books to @books2africaukc 🎉
Please donate to support our mission and help to achieve SDG 4. 
📚We want to thank you all for the wonderful donations! All the faculties, professors and especially you students who have donated your books to BookPath! 🌟 We are proud to announce that we have now collected well over 2000 books and are ready for our next shipment!🚀🤘🏽THANK YOU
❗️Your chance to win a beautiful @kidsclubkampala bracelet❤️ We want to thank you for your generous donations. Therefore a bracelet is waiting in a color of choice. Just follow the given instructions and you enter the competition🏅 We look forward to the books and your stories📚
2022/04/19- Sustainability Week♻️🌏

Hi everyone, here is a small reminder that the Sustainability Week is starting tomorrow and we are happy that BookPath will be taking part! please pass by Tapijn tomorrow with your old university books. We will have our big, red box available as your drop off point📚

We will also be selling our new, beautiful and colourful set of bracelets!

We look forward to seeing you and sharing our mission with you!


📕Book Path has the aim to promote Education & Knowledge through distributing books to Africa🌍. 

However, our mission is more than just the books. 

We are motivated to create a movement around Education & Knowledge. We believe that spreading and exchanging information is extremely important. Therefore, Book Path is introducing “Monday Morning Coffee” and “Quiz night Wednesdays”!!

☕️”Monday Morning Coffee” will take place every Monday. As Book Path, we will inform our followers on different current affairs taking place. We encourage you to reply to our story with your opinions, comments or any questions on the matter! We wish to create a safe and interactive space to exchange knowledge and different perspectives.

💡Similarly, “Quiz Night Wednesdays” will take place every Wednesday. We will have a different category every week. These questions will be based on “fun-facts” to broaden the minds! 🧠

We are very excited to interact and hear from you! 

Settle in and see you next week! 🤠☕️💡
An overview of all our drop-off locations so you can pick the one closest to your home 🔥📚 Also a little sneak peak of our newest location (coming soon) 🎉

Capucijnenstraat 21, 6211 RN Maastricht

📍Cato by Cato (only during exams period)
Stenenbrug 9A, 6211 HP Maastricht

📍SBE Lounge
Tongersestraat 53, 6211 LM Maastricht

📍Old Tapijnkazerne
Tapijnkazerne 20, 6211 ME Maastricht

Coming soon:
📍FPN Randwyck 
Universiteitssingel 40, 6229 ER Maastricht

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Our Box at @catobycato is back 🚨 Now you can start dropping off your no longer used university books here while enjoying a tasteful lunch😍📚

📍Stenenbrug 9A, 6211HP Maastricht

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